Carl James of jovian34 begins blogging on video and technology

by Carl James | BLOOMINGTON, IN | July 14, 2013

Carl James at Office Depot - April 2013

There comes a point when enough people have asked you for your opinion on so many things tech that you feel you actually have something relevant to contribute. I don't know how true that really is, but I find that writing clarifies things for me, and for the first time in my adult life I feel liberated enough to actually tell people what I really think. Now I have a place I can point people if they want to know what I think.

If you are looking for cut and dry answers you are in the wrong place. I tend to form nuanced opinions. What I will do is explain why I have the opinion and more specifically who it benefits. Some people love tearing tech items apart because it doesn't do what that writer needs the tech for. I will look at items from multiple perspectives and make recommendations based on the benefits of different users. I will make sure you know what perspective each opinion is written for.

I have a diverse career in technology and have spent my life surround by tech. I currently support end-users of tech in a higher education environment.

Most of my career was spent managing technology retail stores including Circuit City, Best Buy and most recently Office Depot. I grew up making videos as a hobby and gained a great deal of knowledge in the late 90s by editing a feature length motion picture I directed on a computer.
Carl James is CompTIA A+ ce Certified

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As always, I'd love to hear you're thoughts and questions, so feel free to shoot a tweet to @jovian34 and I will gladly respond and perhaps write a blog post on a topic you suggest.